£3.2m Revamp Completed At John Radcliffe Hospital

12 December 2018, 16:37

John Radcliffe Hospital

Three new units have opened at Oxford's John Radcliffe hospital for winter following a 3.2 million pound refurb.

Dr Bruno Holthof, Chief Executive of Oxford University Hospitals officially opened the new Assessment Area in the Emergency Department and the newly refurbished Complex Medicine Unit (CMU) Ward A on Level 7 - both in the John Radcliffe Hospital. 

On Monday 10 December, the newly refurbished Operational Centre in the John Radcliffe Hospital was reopened and the Winter Team moved in to join the OUH's operational managers.

Dr Bruno Holthof, Chief Executive said: "I was delighted to join staff who worked on the projects and those who are now working in these new spaces. I would like to congratulate our Estates teams who worked to deliver these projects very quickly in time for winter. They are huge improvements on what was there before and will be better spaces for patients and staff."

The new Assessment Area in the Emergency Department is part of a project to improve the patient environment in the Emergency Department. The new Assessment Area means that patients will be seen earlier (within the first half hour of arrival) by senior clinicians to determine what diagnostic tests or treatment they may need. 

It is anticipated that the new area will help reduce the time to first treatment for more seriously ill patients. Adult patients who may have serious illnesses or injuries will be directed to this area to be assessed before being taken for further tests, moved to a ward area or theatre, or discharged. This area was previously used as office space.

Katy Mimpress, Matron of the Emergency Department at the John Radcliffe Hospital said: "We are all so pleased to have this new area. The space is a huge improvement for our patients and for our staff to work in, and importantly, it will help make us more efficient and should mean that our patients are seen more quickly."

On Friday 6 December, Dr Bruno Holthof officially opened the newly refurbished Complex Medicine Unit Ward A on Level 7 (Ward B should be finished soon). 

Oxford Hospitals Charity gave £110,000 towards the improvements to make the whole area more dementia friendly with specialist painting schemes (colour contrasts in doorways and on handrails help dementia patients) and artwork that helps patients orientate themselves better, as well as the reconfiguration of the nurse bases on each ward.

Dr Douglas Graham, Chief Executive of Oxford Hospitals Charity said: 

"The Trustees of Oxford Hospitals Charity have been very keen to support the wellbeing of older patients looked after across our hospitals, particularly those with dementia. So we are delighted to support this vital work by funding £110,000 towards the specialist painting schemes and artwork that helps patients orientate themselves better, as well as the reconfiguration of the nurses bases on each ward, and the refurbishment of the staff room. We know this will have a real impact on both patients and staff in these important clinical areas."

Other improvements include a handrail in the corridor to assist frail patients, artwork for each bed space to help patients find their own bed, new flooring, lighting, wall protection and ceilings throughout.

Reema D'Souza, Matron for Acute General Medicine and Complex Medicine Unit said: "The ward has been transformed thanks to this funding. It is more open, lighter and a far better place to nurse our patients and to work in. 

Our nursing stations are much closer to patients now, allowing us to spend more time with patients and respond more quickly to their needs. We are also really delighted with the dementia friendly elements of the decoration which mean that it is easier for our patients to find their way around."