Airport Expansion Means Expensive Flights

8 August 2016, 05:56

It's claimed airport expansion in the south east of England could make flights more expensive.

The Campaign for Better Transport says the costs of travelling from regional airports would have to be pushed up to meet carbon targets.

A spokesperson for Heathrow has said "Heathrow supports the international aviation industry's commitment to carbon-neutral growth from 2020 and the UN's International Civil Aviation Organisation which plans to introduce a mandatory carbon offset system to achieve this goal.

The Airports Commission has confirmed expansion is compatible with the UK government's goal of 37.5MtCO2 emissions from aviation by 2050."

While, a Gatwick spokesperson said:

"Gatwick has always maintained that environmental concerns must be central to any decision on where to build a new runway. Only Gatwick expansion gets the balance right and would deliver the economic boost the UK needs at a fraction of the environmental impact of Heathrow.

"Any increased costs from a carbon levy would be offset by Gatwick's considerably cheaper price tag. This means that while Heathrow's passenger charges would have to double to more than £40 to cover the cost of expansion, Gatwick can cap any rises at £15 meaning airfares would stay low.

"Airfares would also be driven down if Gatwick expands as it would introduce more competition into the airport sector and deliver more choice for passengers in other parts of the UK."