Aldermaston's Trident Security Boost

30 March 2016, 08:26 | Updated: 6 April 2016, 10:02

Cyber security for Britain's arsenal of nuclear weapons will be upgraded to counter attacks from hackers.

It is understood the Trident missile system - maintained in Aldermaston will be given increased protection from threats posed by rogue nations such as North Korea and terrorists groups including the so-called Islamic State.

The Ministry of Defence is planning to spend nearly £2 billion on cyber security over the coming five years, including a programme to improve the safety of Britain's nuclear warheads in partnership with the US Navy.

Around 225 nuclear warheads are thought to make up Britain's nuclear submarine-based nuclear deterrent. Up to 12 can be mounted on each Trident missile, of which there are believed to be around 40 in service.