Ascot Woman Loses Spaghetti Appeal

9 November 2017, 10:00

Spaghetti on a plate

23-year-old Amy Shingles claimed wine in her mum's Bolognese put her over the drink drive limit.

Ms Shingles, of Woodcote Place, Ascot, pleaded guilty to the offence of drink driving on 14 August at Reading Magistrates’ Court and was disqualified from driving for 12 months. She appealed against her sentence but it was upheld at the hearing at Reading Crown Court.

In addition to the disqualification, she was ordered to pay a £403 fine and a victim surcharge of £40 plus costs of £1583.

On 7 April at 11.45pm Shingles was located by police officers after her car, an Audi TT, was parked in the middle of London Road, Ascot, on double white lines.

She pleaded guilty to drink driving but claimed she had consumed a quantity of wine in a spaghetti Bolognese she had for dinner which put her over the limit after then consuming two pints of beer.

Both Magistrates and Crown courts rejected this claim.

PC Tom Dorman, based at Windsor police station, said: “Shingles claimed that her mother had caused her to consume alcohol as part of a meal she prepared which put her over the limit, a fact the courts did not accept. She admitted consuming two pints before driving.

“This case shows drink driving will not be tolerated by Thames Valley Police or the courts and there will be consequences for those who break the law.”