Basingstoke MP: Pay Gap Holds Back Women

MPs are accusing the Government of not doing enough to cut the gender pay gap.

The Women and Equalities Select Committee, led by Basingstoke Conservative MP Maria Miller have warned barriers to women getting well paid jobs will continue.

A report has found the 19.2% difference in pay for full- and part-time workers had remained the same for four years, with women aged between 50 and 57 facing a differential of 27%

Maria Miller said: ``The gender pay gap is holding back women and that isn't going to change unless the Government changes its policies now.

``The pay gap represents a massive loss to the UK's economy and we must address it in the face of an ageing workforce, a skills crisis and the need for a more competitive economy.

``If the Government is serious about long-term, sustainable growth it must invest in tackling the root causes of the gender pay gap. Adopting our recommendations would be a significant step towards achieving the goal of eliminating the gender pay gap within a generation.''

The committee have recommended offering three months' paid leave for fathers, and say all jobs should be flexible.