Basingstoke's New 'Cashless' Music Venue

11 April 2016, 05:57 | Updated: 11 April 2016, 06:04

It's thought a new music venue in Basingstoke could be the UK's first to go totally cashless.

'Stage' describes itself as the town's brand new live performance venue and as part of plans to ensure everyone has a safe night - cash won't be accepted behind the bar.

Adam Hornblow is the CEO of the firm which owns the venue, he tells Heart "it keeps the customers safe, it keeps the bar staff and your employees safe - and if they get given a tip they just keep it,.

Adding, "if they've got any cash we know it's theirs because it's not ours and it keeps the venue safe - there can't be a robbery of cash if there's no cash in the venue.

'Stage' opens in Basingstoke Town Centre on Friday 29th April with live music from the likes of 'The Boomtown Rats'.

Listen to more from our interview with Adam Hornblow below.