Berkshire: Petition For Tougher Treatment For Drink Drivers Reaches 100,000

A petition by the partners of two cyclists killed on a Berkshire road has got more than 100,000 signatures.

Kris Jarvis and John Morland were killed when a drunk driver knocked them off their bikes in Purley-On-Thames last year.

Now, Tracey Fidler and Hayley Lindsay are campaigning for tougher sentencing for those convicted of death by dangerous driving.

They also think sentences for multiple fatalities in the same collision should run one after the other, not concurrently as they do now.

Kris and John's killer was already disqualified from driving, without insurance, in a vehicle taken without consent, was more than two and a half times over the alcohol blood limit.

Alexander Walters, 31, had taken cocaine in the previous 24 hours and was driving at 70 miles per hour in a 30-zone whilst being pursued by police.

He was jailed for 10 years and 3 months.

The Court of Appeal rejected Walters' bid to have his sentence reduced in October.

Following the initial success of the petition last May, Secretary of State for Justice, MP Chris Grayling, announced a full review of penalties for driving offences.

The review is expected to be completed by spring this year - but timings of publication of the review’s findings and recommendations haven't been confirmed yet.

Even though the topic has already been discussed in Parliament, the petition has continued to gather support and crossed the 100,000 signature mark yesterday.

Reading West MP, Alok Sharma, who's been backing the campaign said: "Nothing can ever bring back Kris and John, but I hope that their campaigning will mean that in future justice will be properly be served for the families of victims."

To see the petition click here.