Binfield CE Primary Will Close For Fourth Day

6 September 2011, 16:31 | Updated: 7 September 2011, 14:39

A Berkshire primary school is having to close for a fourth day because so many of the staff are ill.

Heart's been told a lot of the teaching and non-teaching staff at Binfield CE Primary near Bracknell are suffering from sickness and diarrhoea.

Teachers say it's important for children to stay away from the school until Environmental Health Officers have worked out the cause of the bug.

The Health Protection Agency working with Environmental Health Officers will undertake a deep clean of the school on Thursday.

The school will open to years 1-6 on Friday 9th September.

The closure of the school has an impact on children due to start school for the first time this week.

The revised plan on the Binfield CE Primary website is as follows:

"The staff sickness and school closures have had a knock-on effect to the starting days for new Reception children.  The following changes have been necessary to start dates:

New Starters in Year R will start next week and we are contacting parents by telephone to confirm revised start dates.  The revised start dates are as follows:

Tuesday 6th September will now start on Monday 12th September at 9.30am

Thursday 8th September will now start on Tuesday 13th September at 9.30am

Friday 9th September will now start on Wednesday 14th September at 9.30am"

The Year 6 trip to Kingswood is also going ahead as planned.

For the latest information visit the school's website.