Bridge for Ufton Nervet Rail Crossing

2 November 2012, 06:00

Heart's been told a bridge could be built at Ufton Nervet level crossing where there've been 8 deaths in as many years.

7 people lost their lives at the level crossing in west Berkshire when chef Brian Drysdale drove his vehicle onto the crossing and was hit by a train travelling from London to Plymouth. 

He was killed and the train derailed, along with its driver and five passengers. 130 people were injured.

In May this year a scooter rider was hit and killed by a train - he was married with two children. 

Network Rail say they want to build a road bridge instead of replacing the level crossing between Theale and Aldermaston. 

It was one of three options they looked at including installing a full barrier or replacing it with an underpass.

Patrick Hallgate, Network Rail route managing director, said: "We have a once-in-a generation opportunity to make changes at Ufton Nervet as part of our plans to re-signal and electrify the line. 

"It is our view that we have a strong case to close the crossing and replace it with a road bridge. Every crossing that we close removes the risk of a person or vehicle being struck by a train and improves safety for everyone on the railway and for those who travel across it."

Network Rail will still need the support of land owners, the local authority and residents. They are funded to provide a like-for-like replacement so will need extra funding to build a road bridge.