Bucklebury Celebrates Royal Birth

23 July 2013, 14:21 | Updated: 23 July 2013, 14:26

The Duchess of Cambridge's home village in Berkshire is in a celebratory mood today as the news sinks in that the newest addition to the Royal Family is one of their own.

The bunting is out across Bucklebury and surrounding villages at the news of the birth of the prince. Children at Bucklebury Church of England Primary School prayed for the new born in assembly this morning and have made congratulatory cards with crowns on.

The Duchess's former piano teacher Daniel Nicholls has also written a piece called First Breath in celebration. It's a piece about a baby being born from the baby's point of view. My wife Sandra wrote the lyrics and I wrote the music,'' he explained. 

"We wrote a piece for the wedding so it seemed natural to do the same for the birth.'' 

Headteacher of the Bucklebury school Pippa Rowe said: "The children have been very excited about the birth - fizzing is the word I would use - it's all the talk in the playground.

"It's been a long wait and it's great the baby has come before the end of term because the children love all the media attention.

"They were asked this morning what they were doing when they heard the news yesterday evening and we had an assembly and said a prayer for the Prince of Cambridge.

"All the children have made cards with babies wearing crowns and these will be sent to Kate's parents' house, Bucklebury Manor.'' 

"I think this will enable the children to have a real chance to connect with the monarchy. They learn about kings and queens but we are going to have a real live prince with one set of grandparents living down the road. 

The children that live in the village are used to catching glimpses of William and Kate, certainly since they have been engaged, so yes I think it will make a real connection.'' 

Local vicar Julian Gadsby, who is priest in charge of the parish covering Bucklebury, said: "I feel that everyone in the village is really excited as is the whole nation at this wonderful news and that mother and baby are doing well and people are looking forward to seeing the baby and wishing them well for their future. 

"As a church community we are praying that God will bless them in their new family life together. It's exhilarating and exciting and quite a tiring time as well. 

"It is a privilege to be a part of such a good news story and to have the honour of having such a royal connection here. 

People are really happy for the Duke and Duchess and offer every blessing for the future.'' 

"A special peal has been written to celebrate this event and that will be rung tomorrow evening. It's a quarter peal so it will last 45 minutes and I think the bellringers are very excited about the opportunity of celebrating, in their own way, this special occasion.'' 

Delicatessen manager Anna Scott was riding her horse through Bucklebury and said her shop had been selling cupcakes with crowns on at the Boathouse Deli in nearby Streatley. 

There is a substantial police presence in Bucklebury with the road up to the Duchess's parents' house closed as it is believed the Duchess and her child are expected to stay at her parents' home at some point.