Bucks Hospital "Shocked" Over Savile Claims

11 October 2012, 09:06 | Updated: 11 October 2012, 09:09

Stoke Mandeville Hospital say they are shocked about allegations Sir Jimmy Savile, one of their chief fundraisers, abused young girls

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, which runs the hospital, said they had never received any complaints about Savile.

A statement from the trust said: "We are unaware of any record or reports of inappropriate behaviour of this nature during Jimmy's work with the trust.

"We can confirm that the police have contacted us this week as part of their assessment exercise and we are co-operating with them fully.'' 

As the scandal of Savile's alleged abuse of children in his BBC dressing room, at hospitals and schools continues to grow, calls have been made for the BBC to review its guidelines on child protection.

Yesterday Savile's headstone was removed from a cemetery in Scarborough and taken away out of "respect to public opinion''.

The elaborate tombstone was removed from Woodlands Cemetery shortly after midnight at the request of Savile's family to be broken up and sent to landfill.

The grave, in which Savile was buried at an angle so he could "see'' Scarborough Castle and the sea, will remain unmarked for the foreseeable future. 

Police said they believe the "predatory sex offender'' could have abused up to 25 victims over a period of 40 years.