Election Results in the Thames Valley

Here's a list of all the candidates standing in each constituency locally.

Please note, names in bold indicate the winner of each constituency election:

James Walsh Labour Party
Derek Florey Green Party
Patrick Smith Liberal Democrats
Phillip Lee Conservative Party
Richard Thomas UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Joe Wilcox Class War
Herbie Crossman UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Charles Smith Labour Party
Emily Blyth Green Party
Theresa May Conservative Party
Tony Hill Liberal Democrats
Andrew Stott Patriotic Socialist Party
Jonny Roberts Labour Party
Richard Benyon Conservative Party
Barrie Singleton Independent
Catherine Anderson UK Independence Party (UKIP)
David Yates Apolitical Democrats
Judith Bunting Liberal Democrats
Paul Field Green Party
Reading East
Matt Rodda Labour Party
Jenny Woods Liberal Democrats
Peter Mason-Apps UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Rob White Green Party
Rob Wilson Conservative Party
Reading West
Neil Adams Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
Alok Sharma Conservative Party
Victoria Groulef Labour Party
Malik Azam UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Meri O'Connell Liberal Democrats
Miriam Kennet Green Party
Suzie Ferguson Independent
Julian Edmonds Green Party
Diana Coad UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Fiona Mactaggart Labour Party
Gurcharan Singh Conservative Party
Tom McCann Liberal Democrats
Adrian Girling UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Fiona Dent Labour Party
George Fussey Liberal Democrats
Adam Afriyie Conservative Party
Derek Wall Green Party
Andy Croy Labour Party
Adrian Windisch Green Party
Kaz Lokuciewski Independent
John Redwood Conservative Party
Clive Jones Liberal Democrats
Phil Cunnington UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Dickie Bird UK Independence Party (UKIP)
John Howson Liberal Democrats
Ian Middleton Green Party
Roseanne Edwards National Health Action Party
Sean Woodcock Labour Party
Victoria Prentis Conservative Party
Christopher Jones UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Sam Juthani Labour Party
Sue Cooper Liberal Democrats
John Howell Conservative Party
Mark Stevenson Green Party
Oxford East
James Morbin Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
Andrew Smith Labour Party
Ian Macdonald UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Alasdair Murray Liberal Democrats
Ann Duncan Green Party
Melanie Magee Conservative Party
Kevin Parkin The Socialist Party of Great Britain
Alasdair de Voil - the Mad Hatter Official Monster Raving Loony Party
Oxford West and Abingdon
Sally Copley Labour Party
Layla Moran Liberal Democrats
Alan Harris UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Mike Foster The Socialist Party of Great Britain
Larry Sanders Green Party
Helen Salisbury National Health Action Party
Nicola Blackwood Conservative Party
Alex Meredith Liberal Democrats
Ed Vaizey Conservative Party
Lee Upcraft UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Stephen Webb Labour Party
Kate Prendergast Green Party
Deek Jackson Land Party
Warren Draper Class War
Andrew Graham Liberal Democrats
Christopher Tompson Independent
David Cameron Conservative Party
Duncan Enright Labour Party
Stuart Macdonald Green Party
Simon Strutt UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Clive Peedell National Health Action Party

Alan Hilliar Liberal Democrats
Carl Hewitt Green Party
Gary Puffett Labour Party
Gerald Howarth Conservative Party
Bill Walker UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Alan Stone UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Sarah Cope Green Party
Maria Miller Conservative Party
Janice Spalding Liberal Democrats
Paul Harvey Labour Party
North East Hampshire
Amran Hussain Labour Party
Cardinal Point Official Monster Raving Loony Party
Rob Blay UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Andrew Johnston Green Party
Graham Cockarill Liberal Democrats
Ranil Jayawardena Conservative Party
North West Hampshire
Susan Perkins UK Independence Party (UKIP)
Andrew Adams Labour Party
Alex Payton Liberal Democrats
Dan Hill Green Party
Kit Malthouse Conservative Party
Colin Dale Official Monster Raving Loony Party
Will Cass Labour Party
David Lidington Conservative Party
David Lyons Green Party
Steven Lambert Liberal Democrats
Chris Adams UK Independence Party (UKIP)