Cowley: Thames Valley Police Officer In Misconduct Hearing

A Thames Valley Police officer has been given a final written warning.

A misconduct hearing found the Detective Sergeant failed to properly investigate an allegation that a 14-year old girl had sex with a 17 or 18 year old man in Oxfordshire - after it was reported in 2012.

The officer was made investigating officer for the case but failed to progress the investigation or make contact with the girl or her father. When he was moved to another department, he didn't pass the case on to a colleague.

In November 2013 the same girl reported that in the summer of 2012 she had been the victim of a rape incited by the same man, Omid Ali, who was later convicted of rape and of engaging in sexual activity.

Speaking after the misconduct hearing, Deputy Chief Constable John Campbell said:

"After carefully considering all of the evidence the Misconduct Panel concluded that the officer’s conduct did amount to gross misconduct and that he was in breach of the following Standards of Professional Behaviour namely duties and responsibilities and discreditable conduct.

"The officer in this case has been issued with a final written warning and was left in no doubt about the seriousness of his actions. 

"The officer involved has a good track record within the Force and has worked hard to bring offenders, particularly in sexual offence cases, to justice. He is aware that in this case his conduct was unacceptable and that he has let the victim down."