Date Set For Didcot Demolition

15 July 2016, 12:00 | Updated: 15 July 2016, 13:23

The remains of the collapsed Didcot A Power Station will be demolished in the early hours of Sunday morning (17 July).

Families of three men whose bodies remain trapped inside, have previously protested at plans to bring down the building.

The building partially collapsed on 23rd February 2016. One man, 53-year-old Mick Collings from  from Brotton, Teesside was recovered from the site. Christopher Huxtable, 34, from Swansea, Ken Cresswell, 57, and John Shaw, 61, both from Rotherham have not been found.

Emergency services will be on stand-by for the duration of the demolition and contractors will resume their recovery operation when it is complete.

RWE Npower the company that owns the power station has said: "To progress with this recovery operation, the remaining section of the boiler house has to be brought down.

"The design of a demolition plan to do this has been extremely complicated, as the company has not had access to the building to fully assess conditions or place demolition charges manually.

"Together with its contractors, RWE Generation UK has successfully developed a unique demolition method to try and overcome these complexities. This method, developed and tested specifically for use at the Didcot site, uses remote operated vehicles (ROVs) to place demolition charges at precise points at the base of the building's columns. The plan has now been accepted by the Multi-agency Strategic Coordination Group."

The demolition is scheduled to take place between 05:30 and 07:30hrs.

Some road closures will be in place on a section of the A4130.