Family Tributes To A420 Oxfordshire Victim

5 June 2016, 12:11 | Updated: 5 June 2016, 12:41

The family of Sam Jones one of the four people who died following a crash in Oxfordshire on the A420 near Shrivenham last month have released a tribute.

Sam's mother, Karen Jones, has released this tribute on behalf of his family.

“Our hearts have been shattered. We are devastated. The pain is indescribable and we cannot come to terms with never seeing him again. Sam (Krop) was our baby, the youngest of three wonderful sons. Sam and his big brothers Ben and Kane were so close and as far as Sam was concerned, Christiann, Ben’s fiancée, was his big sister. He adored his nephew and niece, Zane and Morgan, and would patiently spend hours trying to teach Zane (2) to juggle or blowing bubbles. He missed them so much when he was away.

“Sam had only just come home from travelling around New Zealand. We are so grateful that he got to follow his dream and saw some of the world. He was planning to return to Croatia in August with some of his friends, this time in his VW Camper van, which he adored. He loved Croatia, the people and the place and intended to eventually live and work there.

“Sam was the sweetest, most generous man you could meet. He had a pure heart of gold and the most wonderful friends surrounded him. The messages and support we have had from family and friends has been incredible and has helped us to get through the past week. Knowing they knew Sam how we knew him. Always supportive and full of love.

“He always hugged us and told us he loved us whenever he saw us or in a text. He knew how proud we were of him and how much we loved him. We are so glad he was living the life he loved, travelling and always so very happy.

“We hope the four beautiful friends are together on the other side and will be finding their paradise on a beach somewhere in the sun, where they can party forever and have their music as loud as they want. As one of his friends said, 'We are left with a huge, Sam-shaped hole in our hearts.’”