Flood Risk to be Assessed

24 April 2011, 06:00

Buckinghamshire County Council is looking at the risk of flooding.

They want people to get in touch and make comments on the draft copy of the Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment. The report looks at past and potential future flooding events across the county and is the first step in developing a flood management strategy for Buckinghamshire.
The PFRA looks at local sources of flood risk, primarily from surface runoff caused by intense rainfall, high ground water levels and out of bank flows from ordinary watercourses.  The report contains maps of past floods and indications of future flood risk and possible impacts on people and the environment. 

Valerie Letheren, Buckinghamshire County Council Cabinet Member for Transport, said:

"This report is the first part of a number of new flood management responsibilities for the County Council. By creating an accurate record of past and potential future flood risk we will be in an excellent position to prepare strategies and target activities to better prepare Buckinghamshire for potential flooding in the future.  We welcome responses to this consultation to confirm the accuracy of our records, to ensure that we have mapped all significant past flooding".

If you want to let the county council know your thoughts, send them via email to floodmanagement@buckscc.gov.uk by May 13, 2011.