Get Your Bras Out!

22 August 2011, 05:28

A council in the Thames Valley is asking for women to donate their old bras to charity.

West Oxfordshire District Council is supporting the Witney Wangers campaign to raise money for Against Breast Cancer (ABC) by placing a pink "bra bank" in its Town Centre Shop in Witney. The council wants women to add bras to their pile of recyling and drop them off at the new bra bank.

All donated bras will be sent to developing countries in Africa and donations will be made to the charity according to the weight of bras collected. Around 9,000 bras weigh a tonne - and for every tonne collected, £1,000 will be donated to ABC.

"As a Council, we are committed to increasing recycling opportunities and minimising waste," said Cllr David Harvey. "we are delighted to support a scheme that will not only see these textiles being re-used, but giving assistance to developing countries as well as helping a worthwhile charity."

The bra bank will be in the shop on Welch Way until 7th September 2011. You can also drop off your unwanted bras at:

  • Beautiful Creases, 11 West End, Witney
  • Clanfield Tavern, Bampton Road, Bampton
  • Estilo, 36a High Street, Witney
  • Eve, 51b Market Square, Witney
  • Papillon, 54 High Street, Witney
  • Pirate Fitness, Unit 32 Bridge Street Mill, Witney
  • Renaissance, 5 Wesley Walk, High Street, Witney
  • Sassi, 62 High Street, Witney

For more information about the campaign, visit the Against Breast Cancer website, or call 01235 534211.