Hampshire Rescue Dogs Trial Headcams

6 January 2012, 05:00 | Updated: 6 January 2012, 10:02

Hampshire Fire and Rescue is trialing special wireless cameras that could make their job safer in the future.

The search and rescue team have fitted the technology, which has been adapted for use by search dogs, on one of their border collies.

The application is called PAWS, an acronym for portable, all-terrain, wireless system and comprises of a lightweight head cam and harness.

The Service's search and rescue team, including specially trained search dogs, is sent to disasters all over the world.

Team members recently attended the aftermath of both the Japanese and New Zealand earthquakes. 

Hampshire Dogcam

Robin Furniss says they're helping trial the dogcams during training sessions with the dogs:

"It could prove useful in the future, as it is not always possible for firefighters to enter a collapsed building due to the unstable nature of the structure, on these occasions a dog can be sent in as they are lighter and able to move around more safely in these confined conditions."

He added that the technology will allow firefighters outside the building see the position of people that might need rescuing when the dog is working out of sight of its handler.