Help For Marathon Runners

5 March 2012, 06:00

There's help at hand- and feet, for those wanting to take on the challenge of running a marathon.. or even a 10K

Health Walkers want you to choose your own challenge - to complete a 10K, a half-marathon or even a full marathon.

The group say they want us to then complete that challenge over the next few months - and they'll help us along the way.

The challenge opens today (Monday 5th) and runs until Friday the 13th July.

All walkers will be presented with a medal on completion for their challenge with additional prizes for walkers from each distance category.

It's all inspired by the spirit of the Olympics, and the Oxford Health Walkers are keen to show people of all ages can have an interest in this sporting occasion.

Walk Leader Bridget Doole tells Heart "With all the exciting plans to celebrate the Olympics, we wanted to do something to be a part of it all.

We have a wonderfully committed group of walkers and thought this challenge would inspire them as well as new walkers to get out walking."

Bridget added: "We are looking forward to the challenge and hope lots of people come and join us each week".

For more information about the Walk A Marathon Challenge call Vicki Galvin on 01865 252720