Hundreds Of Children Having Teeth Pulled

9 August 2011, 05:00

Heart's been told more than 500 children have had their teeth pulled out under general anaesthetic in Oxfordshire.

A national NHS survey's found deprived areas like Blackbird Leys and Banbury are some of the worst for dental health in the county.

545 children had an operation to remove rotten teeth in 2009/2010. In and around Banbury the number of children having extractions doubled to 98 from the year before.

Mandy Crosse, a dental public health consultant from NHS Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Cluster, said:

"That's a failure if children have got to the point where they're having teeth pulled. It's not without risks having a general anaesthetic and it's important people remember that."

To try and raise the standard of oral hygiene in deprived areas, health visitors have given out 2000 Brushing For Life Packs to children.

Children's centre staff are being trained to give parents healthy eating advice, with children and pregnant women eligible for free NHS treatment.

There's also been a focus on dentistry services in Blackbird Leys and Banbury.

Heart's been given some advice for new mums:

      Brush teeth as soon as they appear.
      Brush teeth twice a day
      Children under three should use a smear toothpaste with 1000ppm flouride
      Children over three should use toothpaste with 1350ppm flouride
      Move from a feeding bottle to an open cup as soon as possible

The report does show that access to NHS dentists has improved and, compared to other parts of the country, children here have better than average oral health.

More than half of the population here see an NHS dentist - to find one near you call 08000 113 824