Just Weeks Left To Save Bracknell Bees

10 May 2016, 05:57 | Updated: 10 May 2016, 06:03

Fans of the town's legendary Ice Hockey club tell Heart they have just weeks to prove their side can keep on running.

The team's financial backers pulled out in March and now fans are desperately trying to convince sponsors to keep the Bee's playing on into their 30th year. It's going to take more than £100,000.

Speaking of the club's importance, campaigner Matt Fettel tells Heart "it gives people the opportunity to watch a fantastic sport, in a save environment, in a fantastic arena and it would be a great, great loss from the community of Brackenll".

Find out more about the Bracknell Bees and their campaign on their crowdfunding page here.

Listen below to more from our interview with super fan Matt Fettel.