Man From Wallingford Fights For Wife's Visa

9 December 2016, 08:46 | Updated: 9 December 2016, 10:41

A man from Wallingford in Oxfordshire has started a petition to try and get a permanent visa for his Chinese wife.

Steve Bearns wants his family back together so it desperately trying to get his wife of six years in to the UK permanently.

Mary Zu, who is Chinese, won an appeal to get a family visa at a tribunal, but the home office refused to allow her to re-enter the UK after she left to see her sick father.

The family have just had a fast track appeal against that decision turned down as the Home Office claim she broke the rules when she left the UK.

Steve has now started a petition as the situation is having an adverse effect on their 3 year old son Ryan.

Pictured: Steve and Ryan miss Mary, who is in China.

Steve Bearns and his son Ryan

The date of another appeal is now set for March.

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