Man Who Murdered Oxford Uni Student Jailed In NZ

11 September 2018, 15:41 | Updated: 11 September 2018, 15:43

Rachel McLean

A man who was jailed in Britain for more than 11 years after murdering his girlfriend and hiding her body beneath the floorboards has been jailed in New Zealand for assaulting his partner.

John Mark Tanner was sentenced on Tuesday to two years and nine months in prison for his latest crimes, according to The New Zealand Herald news site.

In 1991, Tanner strangled his 19-year-old girlfriend, Rachel McLean, a student at Oxford University, and hid her body inside her flat.

Tanner, who was 22 at the time, appeared on television asking for help finding McLean, before finally confessing to police more than two weeks after he killed her.

The high-profile case was re-enacted in the 2004 documentary Love You to Death.

During his trial at Birmingham Crown Court, Tanner said McLean had told him she wanted to end the relationship and had been unfaithful.

"I flew at her in a rage and proceeded to put my hands around her neck," Tanner told police at the time, according to the Herald.

"I think I must have lost control, because I have only a vague recollection of the time that elapsed afterwards.

"I am bewildered why I have done such a terrible thing to a person I love dearly."

In the latest case, Tanner argued with his girlfriend while she was staying at a motel in the town of Whanganui and punched her with a closed fist, according to the Herald.

He also put both hands across her neck, restricting her breathing.

Judge Philip Crayton said Tanner's partner later sent a text saying the relationship was over, and that Tanner arrived back at the motel, where he demanded sex, before again punching her in the head.

The judge said that during a different argument, the partner said she was leaving Tanner and he replied that she would not and that he would kill her, according to the Herald.

"She did not take the threat seriously," the judge said.