NATO Sec Gen To Speak In Oxford

24 November 2016, 06:44

NATO's Secretary General is giving at talk at the Oxford Union later.

Jen Stoltenberg has been in the UK to meet with the Prime Minister after Donald Trump won the US Election.

The President Elect has previously called the military alliance "obsolete".

Theresa May, who backs calls for European nations to spend more, insisted the UK will remain a ``cornerstone'' of Nato.

During talks at No 10, Mr Stoltenberg hailed Britain for meeting the Nato target of spending more than 2% of GDP on defence.

``By doing so you lead by example,'' he added. ``It's good to see that other allies are now following you and they are starting to increase defence spending.

Mrs May said Nato needs to focus on recognising ``new threats as they emerge'', in particular cyber capabilities.

She added: ``The UK wants to remain the cornerstone of the alliance and we very much believe in the alliance and our contribution to it."