Nearly 3 In 4 Burglaries Unsolved

7 September 2018, 09:07 | Updated: 7 September 2018, 09:09


72% of burglary investigations in the Thames Valley last year were closed by police without a suspect being identified, according to Home Office figures.

The English and Welsh average is around four in five.

Many forces say, with fewer resources, they have to prioritise the cases where there's a realistic chance of prosecution.

The study has also revealed 69% of reported vehicles thefts across the Thames Valley and 77% in Hampshire resulted in no known culprit.

RAC Insurance spokesman Simon Williams said motorists will be "shocked" by the findings.

"This is a sign that thieves have found ways around car security systems and have ways of selling vehicles on with little or no fear of being caught," he said.

"The fact fewer suspects are being identified is very worrying and no doubt a symptom of the declining number of police officers and the resulting reduction in time that can be dedicated to investigating these crimes."

It seems police have more success when it comes to shoplifting.

57% of investigations in the Thames Valley and 51% in Hampshire were closed without the identification of a suspect.