New Leisure Centre In Maidenhead Possible

Heart's being told the Magnet Leisure Centre in Maidenhead is now 42 years old and it's probably time it was replaced.

The council are considering building a brand new complex at Braywick Park with bigger pools, a bigger gym and twice as much parking.

We've got the chance to have our say in a consultation starting on Tuesday and running until the end of December.

The council says some of the proposed benefits include;

  • 10-lane swimming pool (compared to eight at the Magnet
  • moveable floor on the pool
  • larger training pool - almost double the size
  • larger splash area
  • 200-station gym, up from the current 150
  • better accessibility for sports teams and disabled users
  • 250 more parking spaces (500 compared to 248 at present).

Cllr Samantha Rayner, cabinet member for culture and communities, said:

"We are delighted to have this opportunity to design and build a new leisure centre for all our residents in the Royal Borough. The current Magnet centre is now 42 years old and has been a great success, being one of the first community leisure centres in the country.

"We want to build on this success and make significant changes to the areas which are in high demand - the pools and gym.

"Braywick Leisure Centre would meet today's high standards and expectations of a sporting experience for all our residents. We want to make it a place for everyone to do sports from the young to older and we would also be making it even more accessible to the disabled.

"In this task we would welcome comments from residents and ask that you let us know any experiences of other places that we should consider."