Overseas Victims of Crime Get More Help

12 September 2012, 17:16 | Updated: 12 September 2012, 17:29

The mother of an ex-Oxford United footballer has successfully campaigned for a change in law that will give victims of crime abroad access to more help and support.

Robbie Hughes needed four brain operations after being left in a coma following a brutal group attack while on holiday in Crete in June 2008.

His mum Maggie spent weeks in Greece visiting her son as well as trying to fight for justice.

Toady the European Parliament waved through legislation which will offer minimum levels of free medical care and support services to crime victims.

It also means Brits travelling around the EU for social or work reasons will have the right to information on other countries’ justice systems in English.

Catherine Bearder, an MEP for the South East, said: “Too many British citizens have suffered torrid experiences after being robbed or attacked while abroad.

“It can often be compounded by poor treatment by police and the courts, where procedures are explained in a foreign language… if at all!

“These new rules will help ensure British people travelling around the EU do not get a raw deal from the authorities on top of suffering the crime itself.”

The new EU law includes the right to translation and interpretation into English, expenses, protection and compensation.