Oxford Celebrates Sir Terry Pratchett

21 May 2016, 05:00

There are celebrations of the success of the Buckinghamshire's Sir Terry Pratchett this weekend in Oxford.

The Story Museum on Pembroke Street has been transformed with a number of installations based on the Discworld Universe from Sir Terry's novels.

Fans will be well aware of the following references as we're told the installations include Death's library and gardens, a hiring fair for apprentices, and a chance to sample the smells of Ankh-Morpork, Discworld's largest city.

There will be readings from Stephen Briggs (voice of the Discworld audiobooks) and talks by Discworld super-fan Dr Pat Harkin, Terry Pratchett’s assistant, Rob Wilkins, and editor of Discworld Monthly, Jason Anthony.

Heart has been hearing from Jason Anthony - the Editor of fan newsletter, Discworld Monthly.

Listen to his interview with our reporter Adam Evans below.