Oxford: Teen Convicted Over Drug Death

11 March 2014, 08:06 | Updated: 11 March 2014, 08:11

Heart's being told a drug, which led to the death of a 15 year old girl in Oxford, was more than 30 percent STRONGER than the Ecstacy usually seen on our streets

Alex Williams from Botley, who we CAN now name after legal restrictions were lifted, admitted selling the Class A drug MDNA more commonly known as Escasy for £20 to a group of four girls in July last year. 

One of them, Martha Fernback, collapsed and died shortly after taking it in Hinksey Park. 

Police now tell us it had a purity level of around 91 per cent, compared to the average of under 60 they usually deal with, with Williams now starting an 18-month youth rehabilitation order and a 90 day curfew.

Det Con Matthew Hodgetts said: “This is a tragic case, but it was not simply an accident.

“Those dealing MDMA must be aware that it is potentially fatal, especially since the purity can be so hard to assess.

“Williams took that risk anyway, all for £20 profit.I can only hope that he and others like him think more about the consequences of their actions to avoid this terrible event from happening again.”