Oxfordshire Firefighters in Ghana

9 March 2012, 06:09 | Updated: 9 March 2012, 06:16

Two firefighters are travelling more than 3,000 miles to help crews in the west African country of Ghana.

They're part of a group of firefighters from across the UK heading the its capital Accra to deliver a two week training programme to their Ghanaian colleagues.

The course is designed to help develop Ghana's Fire Service and in particular their abilities to rescue people from road traffic collisions and similar transport accidents.

Chris Barber and Rob MacDougall are on the trip. Chris, who is part of the Specialist Rescue Team based at Kidlington, is involved with road traffic collisions in Oxfordshire on a daily basis. He will be assisting Ghanaian Instructors to deliver training to their colleagues.

Rob, who is the Organisational Development Manager and also based in Kidlington, has been heavily involved with the organisation and fundraising for the project. He will be working with the senior training managers from across Ghana to ensure the development and sustainability of their rescue capability over the long term.

Oxfordshire County Council's Fire and Rescue Service has been heavily involved in supporting the development of the Ghana National Fire Service through the World Rescue Organisation, which supports the fire services of developing countries to improve their rescue capabilities.

Oxfordshire has supported the partnership with Ghana since 2003. The project is being funded by both the Institution of Fire Engineers - a non-profit making professional body which provides professional recognition for firefighters and other fire professionals and the World Rescue Organisation International Development Programme. 

Rob MacDougall said: "The project has already made significant improvements to the Ghana National Fire Service. As a direct result of the project, the service is rescuing people on a daily basis from the ever developing road network. The team is very proud of the work it has achieved and the relationships they have built with their Ghanaian colleagues."