Police Apology To Ellis Downes' Family

13 May 2016, 07:51

Thames Valley Police have said sorry to the family of Ellis Downes who drowned near Abingdon.

In a video posted online this morning, Assistant Chief Constable Nikki Ross has said the way the 16-year-old's loved ones were treated fell far below the standards they would expect from their staff.

The force have referred themselves to the police watchdog over claims the botched the search for Ellis who went missing in the River Thames at Culham.

The teenager's body was found by a group of non-police divers who responded to a call for help from the family.

Watch below - apology from Assistant Chief Constable Nikki Ross at Thames Valley Police.

Ellis' sister, Alex Downes has said the police apology is "a start''. 

In a Facebook post, she's written, "Glad that the police made the first step by admitting they had done us wrong by referring themselves to the IPCC. 

"This public apology is the least we expected; we know, of course, an apology is never going to bring Ellis back, but it's a start. Words mean nothing without actions though. 

"All we want now is for things to change about the way TVP handle operations so that we can prevent this happening again in the future, then hopefully, thanks to Ellis, no family will have to go through this ever again.''