Reading Hearing Experts in MP3 Warning

3 April 2012, 16:19

Hearing experts have been out in Reading warning people about the dangers of listening to music too loudly.

Audiologists from the Royal Berkshire Hearing Service tested rail passengers' MP3 players outside Reading Station earlier today (Tuesday).

Lots of people were found to have them set at levels slightly lower than a pnuematic drill.

          Heart's Catherine Tarr gets her iPod levels tested

Dr Laura Booth says they are seeing more people with hearing loss and they are hoping to stop more people suffering from it in the future.

She's been telling Heart what some of the signs of hearing loss are;

"They may struggle to hear in background noise, they may have a ringing or a hissing sensation known as tintitus, they may well struggle just hearing general converstaion including one-to-one."

The charity Action on Hearing Loss say giving you ears a regular break, good quality headphones and using the 'smart volume' feature can all help protect your hearing.