Reading: Police Investigated Over A33 Crash

30 October 2013, 14:48 | Updated: 30 October 2013, 15:03

Eight Thames Valley Police officers have been served with misconduct notices over the death of a teenager in a crash in Reading.

19-year-old Matthew Seddon of Weensley Road in Readingwas hit by a police car after being thrown from his car during a chase on the A33 on the 11th February.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission looking into it has now served officers and a member of civilian staff, involved in that chase with misconduct notices.

The IPCC passed a file to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in connection with one officer in relation to the criminal offence of careless driving, but the CPS says that they will take no further action in connection with this. 

Interviews are due to take place at a later stage. Commissioner Derrick Campbell said: "As the new Commissioner with responsibility for this investigation I need to be confident we have thoroughly investigated the actions of those involved to fully understand the circumstances surrounding Matthew's death. 

"During the course of this investigation it has become necessary to serve misconduct notices on eight officers and a member of police staff as there is an indication they may have behaved in a manner which would justify bringing disciplinary proceedings. "We continue to keep Matthew's family informed of developments in this investigation and we are building up a picture of the events leading up to the collision. I would like to assure Matthew's family our investigation is painstakingly piecing together information which I hope will provide the answers they seek and deserve."

Thames Valley Police force has given Heart a statement: “We are working closely with the IPCC in relation to this matter. As there are ongoing proceedings, it would be inappropriate for us to comment further at this time.”