Reading Schools Pilot Solar Scheme

21 September 2011, 05:00

Seven schools in Reading are taking part in a pilot project to get solar panels on their roofs.

Reading Borough Council has joined up with 10:10, an international carbon reduction organisation.

Their Solar Schools project will help schools fund their own panels, which will bring down their electricity bills and teach children about renewable energy.

The schools hope to get local businesses and parents involved by asking them to donate small amounts. 10:10 reckon for every £1 donated - each school will get back £3.

Daniel Vockins from 10:10 says it's a brilliant scheme for children to get involved in.

"They're going to be running around knocking on local business' doors, getting their friends and family to sponsor parts of the solar panel and when it's up and running they're going to be able to use it their lessons.

"There's going to be live energy monitors for them to learn about the sun and the production of electricity and actually start to learn about climate change.

"The money that comes back off these solar panels is going to help them pay for more school resources."

One of the schools, EP Collier, is using a £1,000 they won in a Heart recycling competition towards the project. They hope to have their solar panel up and running by April 2012.

10:10 plan to roll out their scheme to other councils later next year.

Reading Borough Council recently approved plans to spend 5 million pounds installing solar panels on all their buildings.

They say they will make that money back over ten years by selling electricity to the National Grid.