St Giles Fair Oxford Road Closures

The truest sign Autumn is here in the Thames Valley as St Giles rolls back into Oxford.

As many as 100,000 people are expected down for the white knucle rides in the heart of the city.

It's taking place over today (Monday 5th September) and tomorrow.

The fair dates back to 1625 when it was a parish festival to celebrate the feast of the patron saint, St Giles. In the 18th century it was a toy fair, then in the early 19th century it was a general children’s fair.

The funfair grew during mid and late Victorian times.

Road closures

Road closures in the area of St Giles' pply from 12.01am on Sunday 4 September through to 8.30am on Wednesday 7 September 2016. The usual diversion routes will be sign posted.

Full details can be found below.

Prohibition of vehicles

Banbury Road A4165, closed from its junction with Parks Road to its junction with Keble Road - Except east side of Banbury Road parking will be allowed for vehicles associated with St. Giles Fair exhibiting a St. Giles Fair parking permit;

Beaumont Street, from St. John Street to St. Giles - except south side, parking permitted for taxis from a point 5 metres from Gloucester Street for 10 metres. Pay & Display parking suspended; Disabled Persons parking suspended and relocated to Keble Road; Marked goods vehicle loading bays will also be suspended.

Bevington Road, closed at its junction with Woodstock Road;

Keble Road, closed except parking permitted north side for disabled persons vehicles, and on the south side for fairground vehicles exhibiting a permit; also Coach parking relocated from St Giles. Residents permit parking suspended;

St. Giles', Closed for its entire length. Pay and Display parking, and Disabled Persons parking suspended; Taxi rank suspended

Magdalen Street East and West closed;

Pusey Street, Closed from its junction with St Giles to its junction with St John Street - access only frontages. Disabled Persons Parking is relocated to Keble Road;

Woodstock Road A4144, Closed from St. Giles to Observatory Street - Except parking permitted east side between Observatory Street and The Royal Oak Public House for fairground vehicles exhibiting a permit;
Little Clarendon Street closed at its junction with Woodstock Road. Access only to premises will be from Walton Street, and this road to be used as access/staging area for emergency services. The 30 min permitted parking and the marked goods vehicle loading bays will be suspended; the one-way restriction will also be suspended.

Parks Road, traffic emerging into Banbury Road will only be able to turn right (northwards) away from the City.
Broad Street, Bus and taxi services will be transferred from St Giles which will involve lowering of the No Through Road bollards. The goods vehicle loading bays and Street Traders bay on the south side will also be suspended.

The alternative City through-route for traffic is via Worcester Street, Walton Street, Kingston Road, St. Margaret's Road and vice versa.

Exemptions to the restrictions are included for emergency services and for access. Access to properties within the closed area has been advised in writing to residencies, colleges, businesses and will be supervised by marshals.