Stag Warning From Aylesbury Man

31 May 2017, 08:30 | Updated: 31 May 2017, 08:37

Scott Simpson Croatia

An Aylesbury man - who impaled himself on a pole, while jumping off a boat in Croatia - is telling us to think about how much we drink on stag and hen do's.

Scott Simpson suffered a punctured lung and seven broken ribs.

But, as he'd been drinking, his insurance didn't cover the cost of bringing him home.

The 29 year-old now recovering in the UK after his friends raised thousands to fly him back.

He's told Heart: "Obviously we go on holiday to relax and unwind.

"And I'd never condescend people and tell them not to drink.

"But just maybe be a bit more cautious of your surroundings and don't take any unnecessary risks.

"I've had to learn this the hard way.

"Being put back in that situation now knowing what I know now, would I have jumped off that deck? No, obviously."