Thames Valley Blue Pill Warning

27 September 2013, 05:00

Several people have been hospitalised, after taking a small blue pill.

Not a lot is known about the pill, with investigations into it's content continuing.  All that is known is that people who have taken it at first become very alert and energised, before quickly changing.  People are said to then become agitated, paranoid, confused and very aggressive.

The Drug and Alcohol Action Team in Windsor and Maidenhead are working with Thames Valley Police to try and find to source, and what exactly it is.

Clair Gomm, DAAT manager and commissioner told Heart: "you don't know what you're taking when you get it, and even if you know the name you don't know what exactly is in the drug you're taking, or the reaction it will have on you."

Cllr David Coppinger, cabinet member for adult services and health told Heart that the warning message isn't just to people who may be taking it: "It's to their parents, their friends at school.

"A pill can be very dangerous, it could be alright for someone, for someone else it could be fatal.

"A little pill in a club could have terrible effects."