Thames Valley: Most-Wanted Criminals Hunted

4 February 2013, 06:00

Police hunting for 17 suspected foreign criminals reckon two could be hiding in the Thames Valley.

The list of high risk offenders, includes two alleged gunmen who killed their victims, a suspected violent abductor and a man wanted for the rape of a teenager.

19-year-old Lithuanian Edvinas Judinskas (below left) is wanted after a man was punched, kicked and beaten with a metal rod and wooden chair leg at a flat in Lithuania. He later died as a result of the injuries

He has links to Woolwich (London), Reading and Manchester, specifically Bury and Bolton.

Lukasz Wyrzykiewicz (below right), 30, is wanted after two brothers were stabbed as they were pushed down a flight of stairs in at a club in Poland in 2009. Both suffered severe injuries.

He has links to London, the Thames Valley and Glasgow.

                 Edvinas Judinskas                                             Most wanted Poland

Independent crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers is supporting the Metropolitan Police Service's Extradition Unit as they start a new appeal to find the suspected criminals.

Director of operations for Crimestoppers Roger Critchell said: "The purpose of Operation Sunfire is to track down and arrest murderers, violent robbers, drug traffickers and other criminals hiding in the UK. 

"Non-national fugitives hiding overseas in countries such as this are a threat to local communities as they most often remain involved in criminal activity and are a danger to those around them.

"We want these criminals off British soil and back to the countries where they have committed these heinous crimes so that justice may be served.''

Detective Sergeant Peter Rance, who is leading the operation, warned the public not to approach the fugitives. He said: "Today I'm asking the public, do you recognise these faces?. Maybe you know where these people live, work or socialise? 

"They are wanted to face justice for a multitude of crimes in other countries and it is in the UK's interests to help find them.

"If you have any information about these people, please call Crimestoppers so we can arrest them. If you see them call 999 and do not approach them.''

Anyone with information about where the criminals are can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.