Trapped Didcot Men ‘National Scandal’

23 August 2016, 00:00 | Updated: 23 August 2016, 06:17

An MP has said it is a 'national scandal' that the bodies of three men are still trapped in the rubble of the Didcot Power Station six months after it collapsed.

On 23rd February the decommissioned Didcot A plant collapsed as it was being prepared for demolition. Ken Cresswell and John Shaw from Rotherham, and Christopher Huxtable from Swansea, have not yet been recovered. One man who died, Michael Collings from Teesside, was found at the time the building came down.

Louisa Maher reports:


Commenting on the six-month anniversary of the collapse, Sarah Champion MP for Rotherham said: “I am so frustrated that the men are yet to be found. It is a national scandal that six months on their grieving families are still unable to bury their loved ones.” 

Psychological Torture

The MP went on to say the families of the men killed have been through ‘immense psychological torture’ as they had to wait for hours to find out who was trapped, and campaigned heavily to get the recovery process underway. There was a three-week halt on the recovery and another pause for weeks while it was decided how to bring down the remaining structure.

A spokesperson for RWE Npower, the company which runs the site said: “The recovery operations are ongoing and our contractors continue working 7 days a week 12 hours a day to help return the men as soon as possible.

“We understand how difficult the delay in recovering the men must be for their families and are fully committed to do everything we can to return John Shaw, Ken Creswell and Chris Huxtable to them as soon as possible.”