Worries Over Oxfordshire Autism Charity

19 May 2016, 07:16 | Updated: 19 May 2016, 07:20

A boy from Headington tells Heart the charity that helped him turn things around at school might lose it's funding.

Autism Family Support Oxfordshire help 1,800 families in the county.

12-year-old Zac Mook is among the children waiting to hear whether they will get funding to keep going next year.

Zac says because of his case worker, Becky "I settled down a lot at school and you know, I made a few long term friendships and if I had a tough time I could just think about some of the advice that they'd been giving me and you know, it's so useful."

Adding, "it's been a brilliant way of making friends through the youth groups and all the activities and you know, it's just been something to do when life just isn't really going towards you."

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Zac's Mum, Sarah has also had help from Autism Family Support Oxfordshire she says, "Zac was diagnosed at age 10. You're pretty much left to your own devices. Becky has helped me to understand how an autistic mind works and really helped me to make some changes at home that have made a big difference for all of us".

Adding, "if you can get early intervention and you can help children at the start of their journey it costs an awful lot less money later on because the problems don't develop so badly".

In a statement, Oxfordshire County Council have said “The council provides a range of services for disabled children and their families to make sure that parents have the support needed to continue caring for their child.

This includes giving parents a break from full-time caring and allowing them to give care and attention to other family members. Daytime breaks also provide opportunities for disabled children to develop independence.

“Contracts for a range of these services are due to finish in March 2017 and a review is being carried out to determine how we can provide the best possible services in future with less funding available.

We are currently consulting with families, providers and other key partners to ensure we commission services that children and families value the most.”