Meet Father Christmas with Matt and Michelle

4 December 2017, 06:00 | Updated: 10 January 2018, 10:11

Matt and Michelle have been searching for four children who deserve an extra magical time this Christmas.

Maybe they’ve had a particularly tough year, maybe they bring cheer to your life all year round and you want to give something back, or maybe they’ve taken a life changing situation in their stride and you want to tell them how proud you are.

To honour those extra special kids in your life, Matt and Michelle – on behalf of their very good friend, Father Christmas – are taking four families for the most magical day of their lives, on Friday 22nd December at LaplandUK.

Arriving at an Enchanted Forest near Ascot, children are checked in by Father Christmas’ elves and presented with their own passport to Lapland. Their mission:to help prepare Christmas! During four hours of immersive memory making experiences they’ll help make toys in the toy factory, join Mother Christmas for story time, visit the reindeer… and meet Father Christmas himself!



Posted by Heart Thames Valley on Monday, 4 December 2017


LaplandUK  is where A-listers like Sir Elton John, Robbie Williams, and The Beckhams start their Christmas celebrations, and has been described by Mumsnet’s founder as “The Rolls Royce of Christmas experiences”. Now in its tenth magical year, the unprecedented scale and quality is breath-taking, enchanting old and young in equal measure, as adults marvel at Christmas through the eyes of their children.

You can take the tour and find out more here


Below are our three extra special kids who will be joining Matt & Michelle and meeting Father Christmas at LaplandUK

Meet Grace, she is 8 years old. Grace lost her mummy, Debs, to cancer in July. She was just 37. Debs told Grace that Christmas is going to be a happy special time and the elves would look after her. She really is bravest 8 year old around and an inspiration to us all. The Elves and Father Christmas are super excited to meet her!


This is Owen, he’s 4 years old and he is an absolute inspiration to us all.
Owen was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma and lost an eye earlier this year. Despite this, he has not stopped smiling. This Friday, we’re taking brave “Little Lad” Owen, beautiful sister Amiee, wonderful cousins Sirayah & Sianah (who nominated him) and their amazing family to meet Father Christmas at LaplandUK.


Meet Gracie , She’s incredibly confident, patient and understanding. Gracie’s younger sister, Georgie, was diagnosed with dravet syndrome, a rare form of child epilepsy. Georgie passed away just a few weeks ago. We want to spoil Gracie with some well-deserved magic this Christmas. That’s why she is coming with us, along with Mummy, Daddy & a couple of her friends. Father Christmas can’t wait to meet her.


This is Aisla. She’s 6 years old and she is definitely the coolest kid on the block. Doctors found a tumour in Aisla’s brain when she was just 18 months old. This year hasn’t been easy for her or her family as she has been back in treatment when they found the tumour had got bigger. Earlier this week, Aisla started losing her hair, but despite it all she has not stop smiling or making other people smile. Aisla has a beautiful, supportive, amazing sister called Cailin. Cailin has stood by Aisla’s side throughout her whole life. You really couldn’t ask for a better sister.