Michelle Jordan

Meet the woman who will not rest until shes got her hands on Tom Hardy!

What is the most overrated virtue..?
Winning or the need to be competitive & ambition

What trait do you most like about yourself..?
I’ll do anything for my closest friends and have done !

What trait do you most dislike about yourself..?
I worry far too much about everything and have a massive inferiority complex

What trait do you most dislike about other people..?
Bragging, talking about money & people who are constantly boasting about what they’ve got or done. Oh and when people can cap any experience you’ve had.

If you weren’t on the radio what job would you most like to do..?
I’ve always fancied military or cobbling

First single..?
Eddie Grant – Electric Avenue

First download..?
Best of Basement Jaxx

First kiss..?
Sean Munnelly when I was 12 and who then dumped me ! – and last year turned up at my house as the Argos delivery driver and he asked me if I remembered him !!!

Best beauty tip..?
Witch hazel – still use it now

Favourite movie..?

Who or what is the love of your life..?
My flatmate (partner) John

What is your earliest memory..?
Sitting on a swing when I was 3 in red wellies being pushed by my dad and there’s a photo to prove it.

Who is the most famous person you’ve met..?
Robin Williams & Prince Charles