Watch! Sassy 3-Year-Old's Pep Talk In The Mirror Is What We Should Say Everyday

Little Girl Lifts

She's cute and she knows it!

A precocious 3-year-old-girl has given just about every single one of us a lesson in self-confidence in a priceless video where she gives herself a pep talk in the mirror.

Looking at her reflection, the adorable tot told reminded herself just how "cute, cute, cute" by repeating the phrase to herself as she admired her appearance. 

The girl’s mum, Jamie Rabaut of Mount Pleasant, Michigan, recorded the video and it swiftly went viral, reaching over 50,000 people.

In the video, Ashley says “I’m cute” repeatedly before her mum adds, “and beautiful” and she says, “I’m cute and beautiful.” But to make it even better, her mum also added “and smart.” And Ashley added it to her list of credentials, saying, “I’m cute and beautiful and smart”.



Soon after the video was posted, Jamie took to Facebook to respond to the attention the video was getting, saying she’s in awe of “the awareness she’s brought to having confidence in ourselves and loving ourselves.” 

The mother of the adorable toddler also says her daughter is constantly complimenting other people and telling them they’rebeautiful too.

How cute?