The Reason This Boy Asks Mum To Pack TWO Lunches Is Heartbreaking

Heartwarming reason why boy asks mom to pack 2 school lunches


We can't get enough of the charitable nature of one adorable boy who decided to help out a friend in need.

If you're the mother of a growing young boy then you'll probably know all too well how ravenous they can get. 

So when Josette Duran's son asked her to pack two yoghurts and an extra packet of crisps into his lunch box every day it didn't raise any alarm bells.

However after several months, she soon discovered that her son hadn't been eating the treats alone.

In fact, he had been carrying the extra items to school because his classmate came from an underprivileged family and didn't have much to eat this morning.

Speaking on the moment her son told her the truth, she explained in a Facebook Live: “He said, ‘No, Mum. It’s for this little boy at school, and he sits by himself, and all he eats is a fruit cup’.”

After being called into the school by the headteacher, Josette refused to accept payment from the mother who had attempted to repay her for the kind gesture. 

Duran explained: “[The boy's mother] says, ‘I know this isn’t much, but I just got a job, and I know you've been feeding my son’,” 

The volleyball team that Josette coaches raised $400 which she then put towards the school's cafeteria to pay for children who weren't able to afford lunch.

She explained: "We paid up all the past due accounts for all the kids who need lunch. So now, nobody in that school owes any money, and now everyone can eat.”

How cute?