Watch! Granny Shocks Paramedics With Freestyle Rap In Ambulance

Rapping Granny Becomes Viral Hit


A grandmother of five left jaws hitting the floor when she delivered an impromptu rap on her way to hospital.

Norma Clarke isn't your stereotypical rapper. She doesn't wear flashy clothes or a neck full of blinging jewellery, and at 78-years-old she has five grandchildren.

So you can imagine the shock on paramedics faces when the pensioner engaged in a spontaneous rhyming session on her way to hospital after suffering a severe nosebleed. 

The grey-haired senior citizen, who suffers from arthritis and psoriasis, claims she is a BIG Eminem fan and was happy to show off the skills she had learnt from her idol.

Showing the younger generation how it's done, Norma spewed a flurry of self-penned lyrics which were based on a real-life run in with her local shopkeeper.

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Her grandson, Jordan Lynam, was on hand to capture the moment on his phone whilst they travelled from Castle Vale, Birmingham to Heartlands hospital.

He said: "Obviously she was a bit disappointed to have to go to hospital but the rap helped keep her spirits up. I don't know how she does it."

"She's just a natural performer. She's got the timing of the delivery perfect. It all goes back to storytelling and poetry she did when she was younger.

Since the recording, Norma has created quite the fan base for herself and her videos have clocked up thousands of views online. 

So could Norma be the next big rap star? We think so. We'll start thinking of rap names for her now shall we?