James Corden Spoofs Beyonce's New Album Lemonade

Lemonjames: A Visual Monologue (Beyoncé Parody)


It's certainly a departure from his usual light banter, but it's no less funny...in a dark sort of way.

By now, most of us have found some way to watch the album EVERYONE'S talking about at the moment.

Inspired by Queen Bey's latest visual work, our favourite funny man has done what he does best and gone and taken the right old mick.

James Corden Beyonce lemonade spoof

Despite the video being rather focused on America, with references to the US election: "I don't want to do another Trump joke. I've exhausted that topic. I've talked about his hair. His tiny baby hands."

We think it's pretty hilarious nonetheless..


Our favourite bit is when the father-of-two gives us an actual recipe for 'lemonjames' - Corden's own personal spin on lemonade.

"2 pints of water, 8 juicy a** lemons, one cup of sugar...another cup of sugar...you know what...another cup of sugar. Actually you know what, can someone just go out and get me a lemonade. Seriously, can someone go get me lemonade."

James Corden lemonade spoof


You know that feeling, when you're so starving hungry that your temper becomes a VERY SHORT FUSE?

Well that's what 'hangry' is - essentially hunger and anger combined. Scary huh?!

The 37-year-old channels the singer's fury over allegations her husband, rapper Jay Z cheated on her and uses it to express how irate he feels when he gets hangry. 

James - we know the feeling mate.

James Corden Beyonce lemonade spoof

Okay, so it may not involve a hilarious celebrity cameo from J.Lo, Stevie Wonder or Sia this time around, but we think it's still pretty funny... just maybe don't let Beyonce see it James!