WATCH! Adorable Boy Wins The Heart of Queen's Guardsman With AMAZING Costume

Queen's Guardsman Poses for Sweet Snap with Toddler who's Dressed as Guardsman


They famously aren't allowed to interact with tourists, but this guardsman just couldn't resist this angelic little tot on a birthday day out with his mum...

Get ready for a cuteness overload! 

At just four years old, little Marshall Scott is OBSESSED with the Queen's Guard... he's even got a fetching Beefeater costume. 

For his birthday, Marshall's mum Imogen took him to Windsor Castle to see his heroes in real life. 

Let's just say it was a trip of a lifetime! 

The usually stoic Queen's guard spotted Marshall in his outfit as they were returning to their errrmmm, base? House? Staff room? 

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Anyway, Lance Corporal Paul Edden was so inspired by the little chap that he swiftly turned around and ushered him over for a picture. 

He told Forces.TV: "I just remember when I was younger when I wanted a picture with a soldier, and seeing Marshall in a Coldstream guards uniform just made me proud of what I do and just thought I would give him a chance to have a picture for himself for his own memories.

"It wasn’t till one of the guardsmen found the video on Instagram that I was told it was his birthday, so it just made the moment even better." 

The precious moment was captured and posted on Instagram by tourist Joanna__Feng... take a look at the original video below.


A video posted by Jie Feng (@joanna___feng) onJan 4, 2017 at 10:03am PST

PLUS, as an extra special treat, Lance Corporal Edden has now reportedly offered the family a private tour of Windsor Castle. 

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Talk about dreams coming true!

Even the tourists were taking pictures with Marshall... just look at this super cute snap.

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Admit it, the cuteness factor is almost too much to handle! Tell us your thoughts below...