WATCH! Dad Attempts His Daughter's Hair But She Give Him The BEST Advice

dad doing daughters hair

We can't enough of the adorable moment an apprehensive dad gets a little pep talk form his daughter.

Sometimes all you need in life is a little encouragement.

That's why we couldn't get enough of this adorable little girl who gave her dad a cute pep talk as he attempted the task of doing her hair. 

Three-year-old Linda offered her dad Derrick Culpepper some words of to put him at ease whilst he got her ready for school, and it's melting the hearts of just about EVERYONE.

In the short clip, which has been viewed 773,000 times on Facebook alone, Linda is seen given her dead some guidance on how to put her hair up into two little buns.

Something to brighten up your day: An adorable little girl encouraging her Dad while he tries to do her hair. 

"How am I doing on your hair?" dad asks. "Good," she tells him, before advising: "You need more grease on there…and then you’re going to brush it and put a band on it."

As she watches him carefully in the mirror, she tells him: ‘You’re getting it down, you’re almost done, you’re doing a good job.’

Dad replies: "Oh, thank you sweetheart…daddy’s trying".