Watch: Cute Dad Blogger Tries To Put His Baby To Sleep

How to be a dad - baby canvas

Struggle to get your little one to want to go to bed at night? Then this is the D.I.Y parenting advice you'll actually want too listen to...

It's a battle that every parent knows oh too well.

It's bedtime. But despite the fact that you've been running around tireless after your nipper ALL DAY... picking up potentially hazardous lego pieces (we all know the tears that'll come flooding if those little babies get stepped on!), wiping banana smears off the walls and making cow noises until your throat is so hoarse that no amount of Strepsil tablets can save the day... 

BUT your little darling STILL refuses to get any shut eye come nightfall.

If you can relate, then we've got some news for you. 

Well welcome to the ultimate instructional manual on how to get your baby to sleep. 

Seriously, it's the advice that you'll actually want too listen to...sort of.

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Do it yourself blogger and hands on dad 'How To Dad' has become famous for his adorable and hilarious videos that take us through nine different techniques to try and get your bubba off to the land of lullabies...

The blankie:

Toss in something snuggly. Give it a nickname. Job done.

Method acting: 

Hmmm, we never were too hot at charades...

The tap out:

If ONLY this one really worked.

The hypnotist:

Soooooo trippy maaaaan.

That dad that doesn't know a single lullaby:

We'll let you into a little secret here... your baby really doesn't give two figs if you know the actual words or not. 

The big awkward dad baby sleep over:

Please don't try this one at home.

The bribe dad: 

You'll give anything... ANYTHING! Hey, don't judge, we've all been there.

The give up:

When you just can't take anymore. 

The tiptoe: 

Quietly now, quietly.

Check out the whole video here... #TheStruggleIsReal

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