Watch This Poor Mum Try And Escape Her Super Hungry Daughter!



By Holly Fishwick

One poor mother sums up the impossibilities of motherhood in one terrifying video!

Here comes trouble! 

Any parent will know all too well the difficultly of ever trying to get a moment's peace and quiet when there are little ones around.

Well this stressed out mother is certainly no different!

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The overly stressed out parent takes to hiding out in the pantry in order to try and evade her rather feisty and hungry young daughter who is watching her every move! 

The blonde mum video blogs the entire hilarious episode as she is forced to lock herself in a cupboard and seek sustenance in the form of a red sticky sweet. 

We can definitely all relate to the poor woman's plight and our fingers are crossed that she's able to remerge from the cupboard and manages to get her cheeky little nipper to bed sometime in the near future!